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V2 Electronic News
May 2014 -:
1 FDA Finds E Cigs to Be Less Injurious Than Tobacco
Date: 15th May 2014

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has informed the Congress that electronic cigarette products are less harmful than tobacco. However, the FDA has also stated that more research needs to be carried out on this topic and also that it is important to regulate electronic cigarettes.

Mitch Zeller, director of FDA`s Center for Tobacco Products, said at a hearing that if all smokers are made to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and switch over to incombustible cigarettes then it would be excellent for public health.

However, irrespective of whether the effect of e cigs on health is positive or negative, the FDA has asked US Congress for the power to limit the use of electronic cigarettes. The official from the FDA has informed the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions that it has more questions than answers with regard to the effects of electronic cigarettes on the people using the products. However, the FDA has also notified the Senate Committee that the present continuance of e cigarettes outside the regulatory power of the FDA is not acceptable.

Mitch Zeller states that the FDA doesn`t need answers to certain questions to have regulatory power. He adds that the FDA is presently providing funds to a lot of studies to find it out. However, for now, the Food and Drugs Administration is forming its regulatory decisions on a "guilty until proven innocent" frame of mind.

Source: motherboard.vice.com

2 Senators Caution about E Cigs Producing Hazardous Carcinogens
Date: 8th May 2014

According to a latest revelation, eight senators from the US have appealed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to look at new research showing that some of the e cigs can generate hazardous carcinogens which are comparable to the cancer causing substances produced from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Lawmakers from the Democratic party have mentioned in a letter that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) should take action to safeguard electronic cigarette users and those living close to them from cancer-inducing vapors generated by tank systems, which are especially high-capacity nicotine devices. News sources reveal that studies published by the New York Times have made it apparent that at times these devices become very hot and generate toxic substances such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a cancer causing substance and it is also found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are comprised of a heating coil, a battery and a tank that contains flavoured liquid nicotine. However, as users smoke electronic cigarettes, the coil is heated by the battery and the liquid is transformed into a vapour which is inhaled like smoke from a traditional tobacco cigarette. The tank systems are large-sized electronic cigarettes that can hold more nicotine.

Source: seattletimes.com

April 2014 -:
1 New York City Enforces Stringent Prohibition on Electronic Cigarettes
Date: 30th April 2014

News sources disclose that e cigarettes have been banned in various places of New York City such as beaches, parks, bars, restaurants and certain other public areas. This new regulation, which has been approved by the city council on 19th December and signed by ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg, enforces a stringent ban on tobacco smoking in public areas of New York City. In some of these public areas, even some of the residential buildings don`t permit occupants to smoke.

Moreover, with regard to the ban on e cigarettes in New York City, it is noteworthy that retailers as of 18th May will no longer be permitted to sell electronic cigarettes or tobacco products to any individual who is aged below 21 yrs.

Pertaining to electronic cigarettes, it is worth-mentioning that these devices permit users to inhale a vapour laced with nicotine. However, according to experts, sufficient amount of information is not available about the results produced by chemicals found in e cigarettes, on smokers or other people living around smokers.

Source: sbs.com.au

2 New Study Reveals E Cigarettes May Not Be Harmless
Date: 13th April 2014

A new study concludes that electronic cigarettes may not be completely harmless for health. The study examined the biological effects of using electronic cigarettes and during the study, it became apparent that the gene mutations happening in the lungs of smokers are remarkably similar to the gene mutations occurring in the lungs of electronic cigarette users.

The scientists carried out the study by developing their own bronchial cells in specific groups. Thereafter, one group was made to come in contact with electronic cigarette vapours and the other group was revealed to tobacco. Then, the results obtained from these two groups were compared. The scientists found the mutations of these two groups to be strikingly similar and concluded that the usage of e cigs may not be a great thing to be done.

Avrum Spira, the author of the study and a lung cancer as well as a genomics researcher at Boston University states that e cigs might be safer products but they might not be harmless. Further, it is noteworthy that electronic cigarette vapours may be devoid of tar but the mutations clearly reveal that e cigarette use is similar to traditional smoking.

Source: newsonwellness.com

3 Rising E-Cig Use Leads To Increase in Hazardous Liquid Nicotine Exposure
Date: 9th April 2014

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that with the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, calls dialled to poison control centers pertaining to harmful exposure to liquid nicotine, have increased considerably. A latest study discloses that calls associated with electronic cigarette poisoning have increased from an average of one call per month in September 2010 to 215 calls every month till February 2014. However, news sources disclose that more than 50 percent of these calls were related to young kids who were aged below 5 years.

CDC report makes it apparent that poisoning associated with electronic cigarettes happens through direct exposure to the eye or skin and via inhalation or consumption of the e-liquid. Tom Frieden, the director of CDC, states that the liquid nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes can be harmful. He mentions that the usage of e cigs is increasing very rapidly and poisoning from the products will happen continuously. He adds that electronic cigarette liquids are a danger to small kids because they are not inaccessible to these children. He further reveals that electronic cigarette liquids are available in fruit and candy flavours which are alluring to kids.

E-liquid poisoning causes eye irritation, nausea, vomiting and other common health effects

Source: laweekly.com

4 Actor Corey Feldman Desires L.A. City Council to Rethink E-Cig Prohibition
Date: 7th April 2014

According to a new revelation, the noted American actor Corey Feldman is disturbed with the decision taken by Los Angeles City Council to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in locations such as beaches, parks, restaurants and bars where the smoking of tobacco cigarettes is banned. News sources also disclose that the actor wants Los Angeles to rethink its decision.

Corey Feldman has been smoking e-cigarette instead of tobacco cigarettes for a period of four years. The actor mentions that it is due to the help of electronic cigarettes that he has been able to stop taking carcinogenic tobacco products. He believes that the officers, who are eager to control the use of e-cigarette products like tobacco cigarettes, are actually stopping people from making healthier lifestyle choices.

However, proponents of e-cigarettes assert that the electronic cigarette device transform a propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring solution into a less damaging liquid vapour which is first breathed in and then exhaled. According to supporters of electronic cigarettes, the government is acting very quickly to curb e-cigarette use at a time when research undertaken to evaluate the possible harm of the vapour produced by e-cigarettes is inadequate.

Corey Feldman reveals that he kick-started the use of electronic cigarettes four years back, as a part of yearly New Year`s pledge to quit smoking. According to the actor, e-cigs are not offensive and these devices are not harmful.

Source: mercedsunstar.com

March 2014 -:
1 Louisiana Senate Committee Approves Proposal to Prohibit E-Cigarette Sales to Youngsters below 18yrs
Date: 18th March 2014

A Senate judiciary committee in Louisiana has approved a proposal to ban the sales of electronic cigarettes to anyone who is less than 18 years old.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Rick Gallot and D-Ruston, is likely to include vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and other alternative nicotine containing items in the list of products that can`t be sold to youngsters under the age of 18 in Louisiana. This will further, place e-cigarettes on the same level with cigarettes and other tobacco containing products.

According to Sen. Rick Gallot, nicotine inhaled via electronic cigarettes can be habit forming and yield negative effects on health. Further, stating that the ban is a safety measure, Gallot has said that addiction to e-cigarette is a big problem with children who are able to procure these products. Gallot adds that he and other senators are trying to ensure that the law imposes restricts the technology.

As per disclosed by National Conference of State Legislatures, health groups differ on whether e-cigarettes pose severe health risks and research studies have been indecisive till now. But various health organizations supported Gallot`s bill in the hearing of the Senate judiciary committee.

According to the bill, sale of electronic cigarettes to adolescents below 18 yrs will attract a fine up to $50 for the first infringement. However, successive violations of the law will carry larger fines. Also, a minor, who is found in possession of vaporizers or e-cigs is likely to be fined up to $50.

Source: thetowntalk.com

2 Hawaii`s State House Committee On Health Amends Electronic Cigarette Law
Date: 14th March 2014

Recently, the state House committee on Health modified a bill introduced to control electronic smoking devices by removing the taxation elements and at the same time, maintaining restrictions on where the e-cigarette devices can be utilized.

Initially, the bill, SB2495, recommended altering the law associated with the sale and usage of electronic cigarette devices. The bill proposed to achieve this by making it mandatory for retailers of electronic cigarettes to procure a license from the Health Department. The bill also suggested modifying the anti-smoking law enforced in Hawaii to prevent the use of electronic cigarette devices in public locations as well as places of employment and to limit the distribution, sale and display of the devices in a way akin to tobacco. Further, originally, SB2495 also recommended restricting the retail sale of e-cigarette devices to retailers who have already obtained a retail tobacco permit and to use money obtained from the sale of electronic cigarettes to support quit smoking programs in the state.

As per revealed by a spokesman from Rep. Della Au Belatti’s office, it was not clear as to which portions of the bill were modified. The spokesman disclosed that the language concerning the tax on the product was removed and limitations regarding where electronic cigarettes could be used were left unchanged.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

3 Man from Spain Falls Prey to Pneumonia after Abusing Electronic Cigarette
Date: 14th March 2014

News sources reveal that a man from Spain became a victim of pneumonia after using electronic cigarettes excessively. The hospital, which is treating the man, has made it apparent that this is the second registered case of lung disease due to electronic cigarettes.

Sources reveal that the man was 50 years old and he was admitted in the northwestern city of A Coruña, for the treatment of a separate ailment. There at the hospital, he was diagnosed as a patient of pneumonia. However, the source at the A Coruña University Hospital reveals that the man was diagnosed as a patient of exogenous lipoid pneumonia, which was induced by too much use of electronic cigarettes. However, the source also discloses that exogenous lipoid pneumonia was facilitated by a vegetable-based component present in the replaceable cartridges which make the vapour for breathing. The source divulges that after the diagnosis of pneumonia, the patient has been cured and released from the hospital.

Medical journals state that it is the second case in the world of a breathing complaint associated with the consumption of electronic cigarette.

However, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes reveal that these devices are less injurious than tobacco and can help people quit smoking. They dismissed the case in A Coruña. Alejandro Rodriguez, vice-president of the National Electronic Cigarette Association states that there is no evidence that this illness was associated with the use of electronic cigarettes.

Source: www.thelocal.es

4 Sales of Electronic Cigarettes Increase By 340 Percent
Date: 1st March 2014

A latest disclosure reveals that the sales of e-cigarettes in the UK have risen by 340 percent during the previous year. According to sources, this is due to the increasing reliance on electronic cigarettes by the young people in UK to quit smoking traditional tobacco containing cigarettes.

According to data collected by consumer analyst Mintel, the sale of stop smoking aids have been decreased while the sales of electronic cigarettes have increased tremendously. Mintel has found out that the sale of e-cigarettes has risen by 340 per cent over the past year. In 2012, electronic cigarette sales were approximately £44 million and from this amount, the sales increased to £193 million in 2013.

With the increasing sales of e-cigarette products, there is fear that youngsters might opt for “vaping” as a less injurious alternative to cigarette smoking. Due to this apprehension, the government has announced in January 2014 that the sale of electronic cigarettes to youngsters less than 18 years old is unlawful.

It is noteworthy that 32 percent of ex-smokers and smokers have agreed that electronic cigarettes are an effective way to reduce smoking while 26 per cent of smokers and former smokers have admitted that e-cigarettes are great for quit smoking. Furthermore, 31 percent people have said that there is a dearth of sufficient information on the long-term effects of using electronic cigarettes. However, 20 per cent people admit that e-cigarettes will be considered as safe products only after they have been approved by the NHS.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

June 2013 -:
1 3,000 Warwickshire Kids Visit Doctor after Suffering from the Serious Consequences of Second Hand Smoking
Date: 9th June 2013

According to a latest disclosure, around 3,000 children from Warwickshire visited the physician last year after falling prey to serious effects induced by second hand smoking. Sources reveal that the Warwickshire government is launching a movement to raise awareness of the concealed harm of smoking inside homes and cars.

A new survey was undertaken by involving 700 parents and during the survey, 68 per cent of smoking-addicted parents had confessed to smoking inside the car and in the presence of their children. However, among the 700 parents, 75 per cent were stunned to learn that second hand smoking influences the health of such a huge number of children.

The Royal College of Physicians undertook a research and found that second hand smoke is mostly odourless, invisible and contains damaging toxins that can lead to cancer.

The Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre based in Warwickshire carried out a research on smoking with children in cars and found that smoking in cars lead to the production of harmful particles even when the ventilation system is kept running or the windows are kept open.
Source: stratford-herald.com

2 Clinical Study Finds That Electronic Cigarettes May Help Smokers Who Are Eager To Quit Smoking
Date: 24th June 2013

A new study finds out that electronic cigarettes may offer hope to smokers who are looking forward to stop smoking.

Physicians from Italy carried out the study by signing up a group of smokers who didn`t have the aim of quitting smoking. However, as the study ended, the doctors found out that e cigarettes may be better than nicotine patches for those who are eager to quit smoking.

Michael Siegel from the Boston University School of Public Health states that it is amazing to find out that, 13-percent smokers who received higher dosages of nicotine cartridges were able to trigger off smoking cessation after one year. He mentions that the study results have given hope to those who failed in their previous quit smoking attempts.

The results also demonstrated that among those who quit smoking successfully, 70-percent had stopped using electronic cigarettes.

According to Michael Siegel, electronic cigarettes are real methods for quitting smoking and they can be compared to or better than nicotine replacement therapies. He adds that critics may comment that e cigarettes are just another type of addiction but the results prove something else.

Furthermore, Michael Siegel mentions that an electronic cigarette is a legal method for smoking cessation. He adds that opting for e cigarette is a practical alternative for those people who have tried or failed to quit smoking.
Source: boston.cbslocal.com

3 Cigarette Tax Raise in Minnesota Is Making E Cigarettes Increasingly Popular
Date: 24th June 2013

According to a latest disclosure, cigarette tax has been increased in Minnesota and this has led to the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes as a suitable alternative to tobacco smoking.

News sources reveal that the number of Twin Cities shops that are selling electronic cigarettes has been increasing. However, according to the store owners, the $1.60-a-pack tax raise that is likely to be implemented from 1st July, is responsible for the escalating sale of e cigarettes.

Angie Griffith, the co-owner of an e cigarette store, reveals that sales of electronic cigarettes has increased tremendously soon after she had opened another store in Bloomington. According to her, it is only the impending raise in cigarette taxes that has boosted the sales of e cigarettes. She mentions a huge number of customers` telling that they cannot afford cigarettes any longer and this has been their motivation to quit cigarette smoking.

April 2013 -:
1 Altria Group, Maker of Marlboro Brand, Plans To Launch an E Cigarette in The Market
Date: 29th April 2013

Altria, the manufacturer of the famous Marlboro cigarette brand, has revealed that it is planning to introduce an electronic cigarette in the market in 2013. According to sources, the sales of tobacco containing products have decreased over the years and this has forced Altria and other cigarette manufacturers to use e cigarettes for compensating the losses incurred in the sales of tobacco products.

The Altria Group has disclosed that it has plans of launching e cigarettes in the market to catch up with competitors who own e cigarette products.

The current market for electronic cigarettes is not big but is growing at a very fast rate. A revelation by The Wall Street Journal makes it apparent that last year the sales of e cigarettes were around $500 million dollars. But this year, the sales market for electronic cigarettes is likely to double and is likely to grow on a continuous basis.
Source: dailyfinance.com

2 Leonardo Dicaprio Puffs Away On an E Cigarette in 'Gatsby' Conference
Date: 28th April 2013

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was recently seen puffing an e cigarette at a news conference for his forthcoming movie "The Great Gatsby,”. The actor was answering questions in the news conference and in between, he was puffing an e cigarette.

The news conference was held at the Plaza Hotel and it lasted for a period of 30 minutes.

Along with Leonardo DiCaprio, his co-stars Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and Baz Luhrmann, the director of the film were also present at the news conference.
Source: amny.com

3 Three Casinos In Ohio Have Banned Electronic Cigarettes
Date: 29th April 2013

According to a latest disclosure, three of the casinos operating in Ohio have reportedly banned the use of electronic cigarettes. These casinos are namely, Scioto Downs Casino & Racetrack, Hollywood Casino Columbus and Hollywood Casino Toledo.

Bob Tenenbaum, the spokesman of Hollywood Columbus, states that the no smoking law of Ohio prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes and hence they are banned. At Hollywood Columbus, the employees are not permitted to smoke at home or at work and are likely to be sacked if they are found breaching these rules.

Electronic cigarettes are also banned in certain other places located in Ohio. Some of these locations are, namely, Crew Stadium, the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the Schottenstein Center, Nationwide Arena and Bob Evans Farms restaurants.

Bob Tenenbaum refuses to believe that the ban on electronic cigarettes have reduced earnings in the local Hollywood casino. He states that if there are two casinos located close to each other and one of them permits smoking while the other doesn’t then it can be a problem. He adds that customers in huge numbers visit the Columbus casino from a distance of 50- to 75-mile radius and hence in Columbus, there is no concern over revenue reduction.
Source: dispatch.com

4 Electronic Cigarette Charger Causes Car Fire in Arizona
Date: 29th April 2013

An electronic cigarette charger, left inside a car by a couple in Arizona, reportedly caught fire and caused heavy damage.

Jennie Burton and her husband 'Lee Burton had left their electronic cigarette for charging inside their car and was off to the hospital for an appointment. But when they returned, they found that their car had caught fire.

Michael Young from the Glendale Fire Department states that the lithium battery of the electronic cigarette burst and caused the fire. He mentions that the lithium battery is commonly found in camcorders, cameras and other things of that type.

Michael Young reveals that it is the first case where he has seen an electronic cigarette causing damage. He adds that as increasing numbers of people have started using e cigarettes and that these devices should be looked after at all times.
Source: ksla.com

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