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Learn How to Overcome your Psychological addiction for Cigarettes

Every now and then you find one or the other article in newspapers and magazines on the hazardous effects of smoking on health. But what do you do, you stop reading that magazine in stead stopping smoking. It is often seen that knowledge on harmful effects of smoking is not an enough incentive to motivate the smokers to quit. But it does stop them from reading or discussing the topic itself.

Smoking leads to not only physical addiction but also psychological addiction as you desire another cigarette one after the other, your body finds it difficult to work properly without nicotine. Your craving for next puff is always glued to your mind. This strong pull cheering you to the next smoke rules over all other thoughts such as getting cancer or a heart attack, or harming your unborn baby.

When you take that first puff you don't find anything bad, then you don't experience anything happening by first cigarette and finally you assume that smoking is not dangerous. But remember, every little smoke with every little cigarette is eating your precious health. You won't feel anything except glamorous and relax moments with smoking, but overtime it will gift you a poor immune system, exhausted heart and damaged lungs. Nicotine takes about twenty to fifty years to harm your body system with major diseases.

A teenager who has just started smoking may find all detrimental effects a lifetime away. But sadly, by the time your body is all damaged it would be too late to quit smoking. They may end up deceased of a heart attack at forty-five or dead of lung cancer at fifty.

But how can one stop one's mind and body from carrying on with this addiction? Well, at this critical stage, you need to deal with your body and mind discretely and at the same time you have to be firm and determined. You can use one technique to deal with physical addiction and another technique for psychological addiction. It is not very difficult to deal with the physical addiction but it's really hard to trick the psychological addiction. You can find patches, gums, and pills if required while being on your mission of quit smoking. Your doctor will be of great help as he may recommend you products that can help your body drop the desire for smoking.

Smokers get pleasure from smoking. They look for a cigarette in all cases whether stress or happiness. So, quitting smoke is a difficult experience especially for chain smokers.

But then, what's the solution? Is it possible to overcome the psychological addiction? Yes! Very Much! Just fill up your usual smoking time with some other positive activity. Mind it! Replaced activity should be positive as well as pleasurable otherwise it is useless. Keep lots of good options with you at that time and be prepared for them. Get some regular exercise, meditation and breathing exercises incorporated in your routine and try to be surrounded by people who encourage you to succeed. You are not away from success as all is in your hand.

Most importantly, stop thinking that life isn't worth enjoying and living without cigarettes. Change this idea to "life is charming & healthy without cigarettes." Rather than thinking that cigarettes are enjoyable, get acquainted with thoughts like “cigarettes are killing me. "It's tough but not unachievable to overcome the psychological addiction too. Once you change your beliefs and lose craving for cigarette, you have achieved a safe and healthy life.

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