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Eager to Stop Smoking Naturally? Yoga Shows The Way!

Most of us who aim at quitting smoking never think of tapping the enormous power of yoga and meditation. We fail to realize that yoga is the most effective therapy that can reduce the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes on our body and help us quit smoking, without falling prey to the withdrawal effects of nicotine. Instead, we prefer to use chemically synthesized medicines such as Chantix and Zyban for achieving our ultimate objective: smoking cessation. These medications are also effective, guys, but they are not without side effects. In contrast, with yoga, you can cease smoking quite easily and along the way, there is no risk of suffering from unpleasant side effects.

How yoga helps us quit smoking?

First of all, yoga increases the level of your consciousness. You become aware of your nicotine addiction and the harm that it can cause to your body and your entire system. You also get to realize the factors which are responsible for your cigarette addiction and the ways to get out of this habit. This eventually makes smoking cessation a lot easier.

Secondly, yoga helps people re-gain the inner strength necessary for quitting smoking. A majority of people fail in their quit smoking endeavours due to the lack of inner power or will. Yoga provides strength to control nicotine cravings and to abstain from cigarette smoking in spite of being pressurized by your friends.

You can practice deep breathing exercises recommended under yoga and pave your way to quit smoking. Yoga breathing methods, known as pranayama techniques, are quite effective for smoking cessation. They help in enhancing self-esteem, purifying the mind and de-toxifying the body. De-toxification is a way of flushing our impurities, accumulated inside the system due to tobacco smoking. Thus, the harm induced by consistent cigarette smoking is lessened and further, with boosted self-esteem, it becomes easier to stop smoking completely.

Friends! Yogendra Pranayam and Sahaja Yoga are yoga exercises which are considered to be highly useful for stop smoking. But before practising any of these exercises, please don`t forget to consult a yoga instructor or a yoga teacher. You have to practice yoga as per the instructions of a yoga teacher. Only then the yoga exercises will yield quick and effective results.

To conclude, yoga helps men and women quit smoking and apart from that, it increases energy, boosts oxygen levels in the body and makes our system immune to diseases. So, yoga and yogic exercises are useful for boosting overall health and well-being.

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