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Addicted To Hookah Smoking Or Cigarette Smoking? Chantix Can Help!

The first and foremost fact concerning the beneficial effects of the Pfizer manufactured quit smoking drug Chantix is that the medicine which has been approved by the FDA as a successful treatment for smoking addiction in adults is a worthy solution for all types of smoking addiction. The smoking addictions where Chantix can prove to be a viable treatment are namely hookah smoking, cigarette smoking, addiction to chewing tobacco et al.

In fact Chantix successfully rescues smokers from the grip of nicotine addiction by straightway attaching itself with the nicotine receptor cells in the brain and substituting the pleasure feeling induced by the harmful chemical nicotine. As the principal cause behind a large scale of people getting addicted to hookah smoking, cigarette smoking and others is nicotine, there is no reason that explains why chantix, the drug meant to curb nicotine dependence and trigger off smoking cessation can't be a wholesome cure for all types of nicotine addictions.

Let's first talk about addiction to hookah smoking, a large section of people shy away from approaching a smoking cessation treatment, say, chantix or any other quit smoking drug as they think Hookah is a safer bet. Hookah, also known as, shisha, narghile and goza is a waterpipe and in hookah smoking, the smoke is inhaled only after it passes through water. It is assumed that when the smoke passes through water, it filters the smoke and the process empties the smoke of all the toxic chemicals. As a consequence, pertaining to hookah or shisha smoking, a concept has been gaining ground among the smoking fraternity that this particular type of smoking where a water pipe is utilized in order to inhale tobacco subjects is comparatively lesser harmful than cigarette smoking.

But alas! This is not the reality. A significant comparison between hookah smoking and tobacco smoking has been done by World Health Organization (WHO) which has made apparent, the harmful consequences of hookah smoking. The real facts unearthed by WHO point out that in a single session of tobacco smoking, a person inhales 100% more tobacco in comparison to cigarette smoking. Further, in a report the premier UN health agency has divulged that the smoke emanating from a water pipe used in a hookah session contains toxic materials, especially carcinogens capable of causing lung cancer, heart diseases, and a whole lot of other ailments abundantly.

As all the disastrous consequences of hookah smoking have become evident and further high level of nicotine is known to be present in hookah smoke, Chantix is the ultimate nicotine fighter to be sought out by men and women who are addicted to hookah smoking. And further the smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco containing substances is found to cause a whole lot of disorders, mainly cardiovascular diseases, infertility, erectile dysfunction, cancer and other ailments. If cigarette smoking induces a plethora of ailments on account of the harmful chemical nicotine, without any delay the guys and gals addicted to cigarette smoking across the world should opt for a suitable FDA approved anti-smoking drug. And what medicine can more effectively provide you relief from the grip of cigarette addiction than the famous chantix which not only helps in quitting smoke but also takes care of the nasty withdrawal symptoms.

Please note that if you will administer chantix in accordance with the instructions of the physician, the drug will definitely provide relief from nicotine addiction!

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