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Is Chantix A Blockbuster Drug? Check Out The Facts

If the Pfizer manufactured and FDA approved anti-smoking medication Chantix comes to the forefront as a chartbuster drug then the news may be a little striking to you but not for someone who is crammed with all the facts on the history of the anti-smoking medicines in the market, the results shown by them in treating smoking addiction in adults and the latest update on their sales statistics. Perhaps you might have been preoccupied with something else and as such missed out the relevant information on Chantix. But guys, no worries! Globalization has made it possible for the facts on Chantix to keep pouring in and the information that follows is just an example of this.

The news is on the sales figure on Chantix and it states that the drug sales of this medicine has risen to $1 billion in a year which is a considerate increase from 33 million sales of Chantix initially when Chantix was first launched in the pharmaceutical market.

The real reason behind the astounding sales of Chantix is the effectiveness shown by the medicine in assisting adults to quit smoking. Results derived from clinical tests on Chantix concludes that within a time frame of just 12 weeks more than 40 percent of Chantix users were able to accelerate smoking cessation which is higher in comparison to the relief achieved by 30 percent people after the administration of another drug Zyban.

Considering the results apparent from the administration of Chantix, it can be stated that if the ill effects of smoking are to be driven out at the earliest then Chantix is the drug to be opted for. If you think that cancer of lungs, stomach, kidneys and other smoking induced diseases like erectile dysfunction are harmful and should be kept at bay then in no way can you avoid Chantix and take up other anti-smoking medicines to counter nicotine craving in your body.

When the continuous craving for nicotine cannot be dealt with individually it becomes the utmost necessity to adopt a suitable counter measure so that you can get rid of nicotine addiction and ensure success in your regimen the chief objective of which is to overcome your continuous cravings for nicotine. You can buy Chantix from an authentic online drug seller and start off with your anti-smoking adventure. But before buying Chantix online it is important to confirm that the pharmacy from where you are going to buy Chantix is a registered drug store.

Are you not satisfied with the details on Chantix and re eager to rush off to the nearest physician to acquaint yourself with the real facts on Chantix? To add on, medical practitioners are also great fans of Chantix. A news published recently talks about a Dr. Rodriguez who prefers Chantix instead of the anti-smoking drug Zyban and offers it to patients for the sheer fact that Chantix combines with the nicotine receptor cells and induces a pleasure feeling similar to nicotine which further assists the patient to get rid of smoking addiction.

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