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Chantix in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a specific period in a woman's life and in this phase, addiction to cigarette smoking or intake of any other tobacco containing substances is found to induce a whole lot of destructions to the smoking addicted pregnant woman as well as to her unborn fetus. This further makes it apparent that for habitual smokers, quit smoking in the pregnancy period is a necessity. As chantix, the Pfizer manufactured anti-smoking drug has been found to yield rewarding smoking cessation results, it has been a matter of contemplation around the world that whether chantix can be used a worthwhile quit smoking treatment by women during pregnancy. Facts related to this issue and various other chantix and pregnancy related topics are mentioned below:

Chantix and Pregnancy Related Experiments & Results

The effects shown by the Pfizer manufactured quit smoking drug chantix on pregnant women is not known and the impact of chantix on fetus is also not discovered. But the administration of chantix on animals has proved that on occasions the drug might possibly enter the system of nursing pups and harm them significantly and this clinical result has further made it apparent that chantix might prove disastrous for fetuses in pregnant ladies. 30 mg/kg/day Chantix dosage was administered to pregnant rabbits and it was observed that the weight of the fetuses decreased to a significant extent. This clinical outcome related to Chantix and Pregnancy predicts that the administration of chantix on pregnant women would lead to not so satisfactory results and it is also possible that weight loss in the fetus might also occur in case of human beings too.

Is Chantix To Be Utilized During Pregnancy?

Pertaining to chantix and smoking, there is a huge possibility that chantix would perhaps lead to reduced weight in the bone mass of the fetus and as such doctors recommend that the anti-smoking drug should be avoided by a quit smoking enthusiast during her pregnancy. As one considers all the ins and outs of chantix usage during pregnancy and throws a glimpse into the stark facts associated with chantix and pregnancy, it becomes finally clear that chantix should be taken by pregnant women only when the benefits derived from the drug overcomes the potential risks to the fetus.

Moreover, before obtaining chantix prescription from the doctor, it is imperative to inform him if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Alternatives to Chantix for Quit smoking during Pregnancy

Although medicines like Chantix are very helpful in quit smoking as they make the quit smoking process easy, by taking care of the cravings which linger on and may force a person to resume smoking but it is advisable that during pregnancy one should look for options which are not harmful even by point 1% either to the mother or to the child. One such option is yoga or meditation which helps a person to have more control over his or her senses. Regular or daily meditation sessions are very helpful not only for the mother but even for the child.

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