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Smoking Doesn't Help You But It Helps Stress

Every second life is hit by changes & challenges, no matter good or bad, little or large. These challenges enforce us to change the way we live. We may have to solve a problem or do something at a very short notice. Such challenges that we face almost on daily basis are called stressors. There are numerous matters that can leave you in stress and there are countless things related to stress. Here we are going to discuss one of them i.e. smoking. How stress is related to smoking & how it is misperceived as a stress reliever & why it is tough to quit smoking for people who are under stress.

How They Are Related

Strained & stressed people have a harder time giving up smoking. It becomes more difficult for people who are prone to negative moods, like depression and anxiety. Depressed people have chances twice over others to be smokers. It has been found that smokers often tend to light a cigarette to deal with stress or nervousness. So, it's hard-hitting job for them to quit smoking. Surveys have shown that most ex-smokers start smoking again in response to stressor moods. Here you can find the data about events that lead up the cigarette;

Events Percentage
Unpleasant Mood
Drinking Alcohol
Happy Mood
Offered Cigarette

This data is confirming the fact that most common events leading to smoking were including negative mood, like feeling sad, tense, angry, or bored.

Why Do Smokers Deal With Stress By Smoking

Though there is no sure answer for this question but we have few speculations. Nicotine stimulates the brain to release chemicals, called neurotransmitters. Some of these chemicals, such as beta-endorphin and nor epinephrine, can make a person feel better for a short time. These chemicals can enlighten your mood for a while. So, smoking allures people quickly. Well, besides the chemical reason, there are other reasons as well for smoking under stressful situation. Smokers often believe lighting and smoking a cigarette as a “time out” from thinking about or coping with stress. For a while, smoking can divert a person from his or her troubles. As smoking is often taken as a social activity, some people think that lighting a cigarette brings feelings of group support & makes one comfortable in times of stress. Lastly, an addicted smoker always feels better after smoking because it relieves nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Refrain Smoking When Stressed

You may feel high for a while after smoking but do you know how troublesome smoking is, if to be taken as a way to cope with stress or other unpleasant feelings. Look here now;

  • The relief you get after smoking is not long lasting. Soon your stress will return and your urge for another cigarette.
  • Smoking is not the solution of your problems rather it hides it. The cause & the problem still remain with you.
  • Smoking may cause disaster to your health & lungs. The stress perhaps will not kill you, but smoking may.
  • Studies have revealed that smoking actually gives you more stress than it relieves.

After quitting smoking, initially you may have trouble dealing with stress and unpleasant moods. But you will look for new & better ways to cope after quitting smoking.

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