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Chantix! Chantix! Chantix! Why so Popular?

Studies have revealed smoking as the leading but preventable cause of deaths in America today. Aware of all death-defying effects of smoking, over 90% smokers are ready to do anything to quit smoking. Then where the problem lies? Actually the problem is the addiction and the pleasure, smoker gets from tobacco. It is really hard to forget that pleasure that nicotine provides by releasing those feel-good endorphins. Many of the smokers start their quit smoking regimen with full enthusiasm and determination but are unable to maintain the same rhythm for long, because of the same addiction and pleasure reason. Many people tend to give up because of the withdrawal symptoms attached with quitting smoke. At this crucial time when controlling this habit is completely in your hand, Chantix helps to a great extent in form of prescription treatments. There are many other quit smoking treatments, available but Chantix has become the favorite and most adopted method as i t helps in quitting smoking in a very short time.

Chantix has proved itself to be a milestone in the production of anti-smoking pills. After FDA's approval, Chantix popularity has increased many folds. Just after its launch few months back, Chantix is coming up as a successful effort to help smokers in the cessation of cigarette smoking as well as its withdrawal symptoms.

It is interesting and important to learn as to why Chantix is getting more popular with each passing day. Actually, Chantix works in a totally different and friendly way to quit. Whenever a smoker inhales the smoke, nicotine attaches to the receptors and instruct brain to release a chemical called Dopamine. Dopamine is endorphin that gives a pleasure feeling but lasts only for a while. Unlike nicotine gums and patches, Chantix contains no nicotine but acts on the same receptors as nicotine and thus blocks the addiction. At the same time, Chantix stimulate the brain to produce more dopamine, which helps in lowering the desire of smoking.

It is the feel of buoyancy and relief that smoking gives and the only reason coming the way of a quit smoking regimen. Chantix leaves no space to let the smoker feel these sensations. Chantix is also found to diminish the withdrawal indications successfully.

Although Chantix has touched the heights of popularity through various smoking cessation regimens by individuals and stop smoking campaigns by various NGO's but it's a fact that Chantix doesn't come without side effects, like nausea, sleeping sickness and restlessness. However, most of the side-effects tend to dissolve over the time as the treatment is continued. Rounding upon the quick, safe and effective results achieved from quit smoking programs, Chantix has appeared as an important key to a least disturbing process in the effort to discontinue the habit of smoking successfully once and for all.

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