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Workers Are Not Getting Assistance To Quit Smoking! Can Chantix Enable Them To Achieve Their Objective?

It has been the subject of a highly heated recent discourse that if the workers in an organization should be provided support, to get rid of their smoking addiction. What should the organizations do? Provide paid leaves, or fund treatments or ban smoking in the office or make anti smoking medicines such as Chantix available within the office premises? And even if the organizations agree to take measures like providing free Chantix, would the employees be able to rescue themselves from the grip of nicotine addiction?

The entire debate over this topic is caused by a recent report published by the American Journal of Health Promotion which states that only a mere 4 percent of employers provide assistance to their workers even though the number of smoking addicted people has increased in the premises of the companies.

With the revelation of this recent news, it has emerged as a possibility that the smoking cessation drug manufactured by Pfizer Incl. can rescue the workers from the clutch of nicotine dependence provided that they get financial help from their employers to undergo physical examination in a doctor's clinic and also to buy Chantix if they are unable to procure cheap Chantix at their own expense.

To put the facts straight, it is to be mentioned that even though a person falls prey to nicotine addiction voluntarily it becomes absolutely impossible for him to rescue himself from the grasp of the extremely harmful substance called nicotine all by himself. Because of the sheer fact that it is inevitable for a smoker to continuously crave for the pleasure feeling induced by cigarette smoking in the brain. At such a crucial juncture, if he is unable to afford the fee charged by the physician for physical examination and also if he doen't have the little money required to buy Chantix, then the company he is working with can help him out by providing monetary assistance for the same.

So, what is your say on it? Do you think that the administration of the anti-smoking medication Chantix is sufficient to provide relief and succor to the nicotine addicted employees? Won't they suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms once they start their quit smoking process?

Chantix (Varenicline) is an FDA approved quit smoking drug which is becoming very popular among the people who want to quit smoke because of its high success rate. And if you administer Chantix as per your doctor's instructions then your chances of success certainly become higher. The specific advantage of Chantix administration is that this drug replaces the pleasure effects induced by nicotine in the brain in such a way that you no longer feel the need of nicotine in your system. As the necessity of nicotine is no longer felt, you curb on cigarette intake and gradually get transformed to a non-smoker.

Finally, a brief on the scourge known as nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Even though nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as tiredness, insomnia, sore throat, gum bleeding and various others are likely to trouble a person after he gets rid of smoking addiction, you are definitely safe from them if you incorporate Chantix in your anti-smoking regimen. So, get started with Chantix and metamorphose your quit smoking dreams into reality.

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