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Coping with Cigarette Cravings after You Quit Smoking

Craving for a puff of cigarette after you quit smoking is a temptation harder to resist than the devil's offer of apple in the Garden of Eden. Cigarette craving is a phenomenon difficult to defy, and destructive to the point of destroying the minutely worked out, elaborate quit smoking plans. Well, how do you manage this craving for a drag of the unholy smoke?

Smokers need to understand that once nicotine addiction has set into their lives to the extent of making them nicotine dependant, cigarette cravings would be their most regular visitor, turning up to them day in and day out. The craving would nag you no ends like a door-to-door sales guy, offering you his wares. These are testing times; the puff you take when you succumb to your craving can mar your whole-hearted effort to give up smoking.

But remember, cigarette cravings come and go. The temptation may be strong, but if you can bear it for those few taxing moments, the craving would pass. And you can emerge a winner. Here are some practical plans that can play a decisive role in coping with cigarette cravings:

Remind Yourself the Reasons to Quit: Constantly keep focusing on the reasons behind your decision to quit smoking, be it health gains, financial matters, improved self-esteem etc.

Sidetrack Yourself: Try getting yourself busy with other things, like cooking, solving a puzzle, or chatting up with a friend till the craving goes off.

Stay Active: Start indulging yourself in games and sports; learn yoga, keep up a habit of jogging or running in the park.

Drink Gallons of Water: When the craving comes, help yourself to a large glass of cold water. The hydration can lessen the intensity of nicotine withdrawal symptom.

Brush Your Teeth: The clean feeling you get after brushing may help you keep away from the cigarette craving for the moment.

Use an Oral Alternative: Always keep an oral substitute like mint or candy beside you. You can pop them when you experience the urge to smoke

Learn to Relax: Try reading a book, meditating, or take a refreshing bath to help you stay calm and cool.

Keep off the Smoking Environment: A change of environment or avoiding a place where you are prone to smoking may do you good at times.

Reward Yourself: Encouraging and rewarding yourself for every battle won against smoking can enhance your chances to stay free of nicotine cravings

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