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Stress And Smoking A Vicious Circle!

If you are not aware of the association between stress and smoking then note that an individual’s stress levels and his addiction to smoking are inextricably linked to each other. When a smoker puffs away one or two cigarettes, he gains temporary relief from stress and mental anxiety but as soon as the effects of cigarettes wear off, he again falls prey to stress. This further prompts him to opt for cigarettes and he starts smoking again to obtain temporary relief from stress.

When a smoker resorts to smoking, he becomes a victim of a range of harmful effects induced by smoking. Cigarette smoking affects various parts of the body, namely, the throat, eyes, digestive glands and other parts such as bones, joints and fertility zone of women. If a person falls prey to any of the harmful effect of smoking his stress levels shoot up which again prompt him to smoke thus capturing the person in a vicious circle which ends only with his life.

Addiction to cigarettes and other tobacco containing substances is not an answer to control stress rather it only aggravates the stress levels in smokers hence one should get rid of nicotine addiction at the earliest.

It is indeed striking to note that non-smokers never use cigarettes to deal with stress instead they opt for measures other than cigarette smoking to obtain relief from the impact of everyday stress on their lives. Thus they are not at risk of succumbing to the various smoking induced health risks like, Leukoplakia, peptic ulcer, cataract, infertility and cancer et al.

If you are eager to keep the harmful consequences of cigarette smoking at bay, it is essential to quit smoking as soon as possible but quitting is definitely not an easy task. It requires a lot of will power and commitment to quit smoking on your own. There are many options in the market from quit smoking programs to medicines such as Pfizer’s Chantix, a quit smoking pill that helps people to quit without facing the withdrawal symptoms. Chantix makes quit smoking easy as it triggers a pleasure feeling inside the brain similar to the pleasure feeling induced by nicotine. This helps you get rid of nicotine cravings and as a result, it becomes possible for you to stop smoking with ease.

However, never consume any medicine on your own. You should always consult your doctor as each individual has his own medical history and each chemically synthesised medicine is bound to give side effects. Only a doctor can judge whether it will be suitable for you or not.

Apart from the above another good practice is “YOGA”. It will help in reducing your stress levels and also will help you in quitting the butt sans any outside support.

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