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Why Our Teens Find It Hard To Stop Smoking?

It starts from looking trendy, cool, and attractive at a charming age and ends with the feelings of regret, helplessness and sickness. It starts the life with pleasure, thrill and leaves one trapped in a smoky world at the end. Yes! We are talking about teens smoking. Teenage age is the age when one's feel like being rebellious, self-confident and a center of attraction.

It's really terrible to know that a smoker generally starts smoking at the age of 15. What made them go beyond the pleasure and image thing? Of course, it was addiction. Once these tender teens are hooked, the nicotine makes sure that they crave, crave, and crave for more. It is way too easy for teens to be addicted to nicotine and once they do the nicotine monster makes sure that they become dependent upon him. What actually starts as pleasure source, peer group pressure or appreciation degenerates to craving for a cigarette in such an awful manner that they never could have imagined.

Another ground that supported smoking at teenage is depression or boredom. The sense of emotional imbalance and insecurity at this demanding age tends to give these impatient youngsters' spirits a bit of a boost. They find themselves strong while holding the cigarette. At times, family members' smoking habits also motivate them to pick up smoking. No matter how much you inform a teenager of the deadly risks posed by smoking, he/she is not going to listen at all. It isn't that a teenager doesn't know about these killing results of smoking. They definitely do but don't care about the same. And credit goes to addiction. It's like you read an article on harmful effects of smoking in a magazine and discontinue the subscription of that magazine instead of quitting smoking, why, because it is warning you against an activity which you do not want to quit.

Even if they want to stop smoking, tough withdrawal at a tender age demotivates them. Their body structure is tender and thus gets habitual to the need of nicotine quicker as compared to the ones who start smoking at a later age. Earlier they start, more severely they get addicted, and thus harder they find it to stop smoking. After some time, these teenagers find themselves as a victim of bag of problems and source of bad smell at a young age. With time, they start getting into clinical depression because of all these risks and vulnerable feelings. This is the best as well as the toughest time to make them stop smoking. Parents should cope with their child instead of making him/her feel dejected. Let him know that he is strong enough to tackle all his issues and boredom without even thinking of smoking. Talk to him, of course without lecturing or being dogmatic. The more comfortable and open the ways of communication, the better are the chances of him not to smoke or stop smoking. Quit smoking is one of the toughest decisions to follow, so if you would support your child in this tough time then your child would know that you care and are really concerned.

Future of a country is completely dependent upon the young generation as they are the pillars of any nation. And if the pillars are weak, country will not be able to stand. So teenage smoking should be taken care of and curbed, not just because of individual interest but also for societal reasons. Lured by the fashion and pleasure, our misguided teenagers need us and we have to bring them out of this world of smoke if they are trapped.

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