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What Does Study Results Recommend On How To Quit Smoking?

A whole lot of smoking cessation techniques are available in the market that can help you to facilitate quit smoking. And amongst all these available quit smoking therapies, the most popular procedure to treat smoking addiction is doubtlessly the Pfizer manufactured anti-smoking medicine Chantix.

Chantix is also the medicine to gain approval from the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and this approval accredited to it is based on the six clinical experiments undertaken on the medicine to evaluate if it is suitable for people who are eager to get rid of nicotine addiction. Regarding these clinical experiments that were undertaken to figure out the effectiveness of Chantix in facilitating quit smoking, it is worth mentioning that the trials included 3659 persistent smokers who smoked at least 10 cigarettes on a daily basis.

Strikingly, all the six Chantix trials yielded results that proved Pfizer`s anti-smoking medicine Chantix to be effective for quit smoking. With the first Chantix trial indicating that 1 mg/2mg daily dosages of Chantix can successfully help people to quit smoking and other successive experiments yielding similar results, Chantix emerged as a suitable medicine for triggering off smoking cessation.

The first Chantix trial that showed successful results was a placebo-controlled and dose-ranging phase 11 study that was primarily undertaken to examine the maximum treatment regimen for Chantix. However, the second placebo controlled Chantix trial included 627 patients that were provided 0.5 mg or 1 mg Chantix or placebo twice on a daily basis for a period of 12 weeks and after a 40-week observation follow-up, it was found out that 45% subjects in the low dosage group and 51% subjects in the high dosage group had maintained successful abstinence from smoking for period of 9 to 12 weeks in comparison to the 12% included in the placebo group.

Chantix and Zyban are altogether clinically approved quit smoking medicines that you can opt for after getting hold of a doctor’s prescription. Alongside, nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine patches, gums and lozenges are also clinically approved methods to facilitate smoking cessation. Moreover, according to a latest news, a new study from the University of Minnesota and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota indicates that smokers can be persuaded to quit smoking by offering a cash bonus to the doctors. This study particularly reveals that bonus provided to the doctors can tempt them to make referrals to a stop-smoking hot line and this can be especially helpful to trigger off smoking cessation.

Finally, it holds true that the aforementioned study results will indeed prove to be of suitable assistance for your quit smoking schedule, but before opting for any anti-smoking medicine or other treatment procedures, don’t forget to consult a physician and follow his instructions appropriately.

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