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Chantix Dosage Usage

You may need to know the following dosage information before taking Chantix:

  • Chantix is supplied in doses of 0.5 mg (white) and 1 mg (blue) tablets
  • You may start with an initial Chantix dose of 0.5 mg once a day
  • You may increase the Chantix dose to 0.5 mg twice daily after 3 days
  • Chantix dosage is increased to 1 mg twice daily after 7 days
  • Chantix is generally taken with a glass of water after food
  • Don't skip doses and double dose for missed Chantix dose

Chantix effect may vary from individual to individual, so it would be a right move to take Chantix under a doctor's supervision. However keep in mind that,

  • Chantix dosage given above may not be right for everyone
  • Chantix treatment may take around 12 weeks
  • You may talk to your doctor if you can abstain from nicotine in the given time frame
  • You can be totally smoke free, if you continue another 12 weeks of treatment after the successful completion of the initial 12 weeks course

To have a successful Chantix treatment as a part of your campaign to quit smoking, you need to set aside a "Quit Date" to put your thoughts into action. It is best to start a Chantix prescription, a week before the quit date.

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