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Ricardo, Nashville

After taking chantix for five days at a stretch I have felt the desire to write my own review. What I have found out is that Chantix is not a magic pill. So, please don`t expect it to show results overnight. But it is definitely good for curbing nicotine cravings. Now I have lesser cravings and besides, unlike before, now I don`t have the burning desire to buy cigarettes. This is a good start with chantix and my wife feels the same. She is the one who encouraged me most to take chantix and get rid of smoking addiction. With Chantix and her encouragement by my side, I feel that I don`t have to wait much longer for the final quit day.


Lisy, Oregon, United States

Chantix is useless!
I never had success with Chantix. Took the pills for two months and all I gained were horrible side effects. Some of the side-effects were loss of taste, headache, gas and nausea. The severity of the side-effects was such that I had to stop taking Chantix even without consulting the doctor. Now I using nicotine patch with the hope that it will not disappoint me.


Jim, Nebraska

I never thought that I would be able to stop smoking. But it happened and now I am no longer under the grip of smoking addiction. I smoked continuously for nine long years and as a consequence, I fell prey to chronic bronchitis. Then the doctor suggested me to quit smoking and prescribed Chantix for me. I was doubtful regarding whether Chantix would be able to help me cease smoking. But nevertheless, I took the pills as per his instructions and hoped for the best. Initially, there was no effect but soon Chantix started yielding results. My addiction to nicotine decreased and finally, after taking Chantix for 3 months, I was able to stop smoking for good.


Nickie Langdam, Colorado

Chantix offers hope!
With Chantix, I am hopeful of gaining a smoke life. For the last 30 days, I have been using the medication and the reward I have got is that my nicotine addiction has been decreased. But while using the medication, I suffered from sleep deprivation, headache and nausea. These side-effects were terrible for me but nevertheless, I carried on and still continuing with the medication. Now, I am quite hopeful of quitting smoking with the help of Chantix.


Rev Taylor, North Carolina, 40 yrs

This is my 9th day on Chantix. I have not been able to quit smoking completely but after using Chantix, my nicotine cravings have been reduced to a significant extent. Earlier, I used to smoke 2 cigarette packs per day but now after taking chantix pills, I am smoking 4-5 cigarettes on a daily basis. Incredible, isn`t it? Now I am hopeful of quitting smoking for good, of course, with help from chantix.


Nicole, Iowa

After using chantix, I got rid of smoking addiction but nicotine withdrawal effects are still there. I have anxiety and sleeplessness. At times when I feel like smoking again I gather up my strength and try not to give in. Till now, I have been successful but I don`t know for how long I will have to carry on like this. I think that I should consult the doctor. God, please help me out!!


Peggy, USA

I smoked for over 35 years and honestly enjoyed it. I used Chantix to quit in October 2008, and have not smoked since. I am puzzled by all the virulent anger surrounding Chantix. True, for some people there may be side effects, but that is true of ANY thing in life!

I never thought I would quit smoking, I did not really want to and Chantix still worked. Years ago I tried to quit cold turkey, the withdrawal was horrible, so that only lasted 4 days. For me personally, I did not have any of the side effects I kept hearing about ( and I was kind of looking forward to the bizarre dreams!) So if you want to quit smoking, talk to your doctor and see if this option is right for you, it may be, it may not be. I am SO glad it was the right option for me!!


Jeff Jacobs, USA

I smoked cigarettes for over 35 years. At the time I started CHANTIX I was at a pack per day. I tried the patches.gum,losenges. None of these worked and I had given up. Then my doctor suggested CHANTIX I started taking 12/28/2012 I smoked for 10 days just to finish the last pack I bought. By 12/17/2012 my daughters birthday I was done smoking. No desire for a cigarette and the smell of cigarette smoke bothers me. Me and all my family thanks you. Jeffrey Jacobs Indianapolis, IN age 53


Sussie Mehelic, Riverside

I was a 30 year smoker. Chantix is a blessing! Took it for only a month and have been smoke free now for 1 1/2 years with no side effects. I would recommend this product to anyone.


Mike, California

Chantix indeed works! I started using this medication in 2012 and since then there is no looking back. I took my first chantix pill in 3rd February and used the medication regularly for a couple of months. The usage of chantix made me victim of side effects like headache, and sleep deprivation but in spite of these effects, I continued to take the medication. With the help of chantix, it became possible for me to reduce my cigarette intake and finally, after a period of around one month, I was able to quit smoking for good. I still remember my quit smoking date: it was 7th March and it was indeed the greatest day of my life.


Catherine, UK

I started taking champix on the suggestion of a friend and now itís my third week on the medicine. Still suffering from occasional side effects of the medication such as headache and constipation but have been able to decrease cigarette consumption to 1-3 per day. With the assistance provided by chantix, I have been able to cut down on my daily cigarette intake and this has indeed strengthened my quit smoking efforts.

Keeping my fingers crossed and continuing the medication. Hopefully, after 6-7 days, I would be able to gain complete control over my nicotine cravings.


Peter, Los Angeles

I was a cigarette addict for the last 25 years and chantix showed the way to get rid of this addiction. I was introduced to chantix in a quit smoking class and thereafter I began taking the medication on 2nd July 2011. Now I am on my 5th week on the drug and still under the grip of common side effects like day dreaming, constipation and headache. The good news is that I havenít smoked a single cigarette in the last 9-10 days.


Isabel, New York

When I started taking chantix for the first time, I had sleep problems, nausea and loss of taste. But these side effects decreased with time and now I have mild headache only. And as far as quit smoking success is concerned, chantix has really been a miracle for me. It has made me a non-smoker in a very short period of time. My friends refuse to believe me when I tell them that I donít smoke cigarettes any more.


Roxanna, New Jersey

Before using Chantix, I tried all types of nicotine patches, nicotine gums, quit smoking pills et al but nothing seemed to work for me. Then one of my friends suggested chantix and I decided to give it a try.

Mark, Seattle

I have been continuing with Chantix and it is more than two weeks now. Each time I use Chantix, I suffer from nausea and headache. I am not sure when these side effects will cease to trouble me. Are they going to disappear or not? Please suggest something for me that can really help in reducing Chantix side effects? What should I do?


I just wanted to thank Chantix for its help in diminishing my nicotine cravings. Chantix is really incredible. I am on my 5th day of Chantix use and I have lesser cravings for nicotine now. To my utter surprise, in the past 3 days, I smoked 5-6 cigarettes. It is really a great achievement for a chain smoker like me. The full credit goes to Chantix.

I just had one side effect from Chantix and that was stomach pain. But that was not severe and hence it was not a major concern. I am continuing with Chantix and hopeful of quitting smoking before my quit date.


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