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I enjoyed smoking a lot but I was suffering from heart disease and hence I had to quit smoking. But quitting was not an easy job. The doctor prescribed Chantix for me and I started taking the pills on a regular basis. I took 1 mg chantix dose per day and continued it for 3 weeks. To my surprise, after those three weeks, I was able to stop smoking completely. I haven`t smoked a single cigarette for about 2 years. Chantix is great. I would love to recommend chantix to anyone who is looking forward to quit smoking.

Stein, 52 yrs

I tried all sorts of medicines and pills for quit smoking. But none proved to be effective. Then I was introduced to Chantix. My girlfriend Cathy told me that it was good and helpful for smoking cessation. I couldn`t ignore her and started using Chantix. The doctor instructed me to take 1 0.5 mg Chantix tablet per day. I followed his suggestions. Then, after 2 weeks, he increased the dosage to 1 mg per day. I continued my Chantix regimen as per the instructions of the doctor and then after 2 months, I was able to quit smoking for good.

Chantix has been a miracle for me. I no longer have the cravings for cigarettes.

Danny, 43 yrs

A couple of months back, I thought that quit smoking was impossible. Even after starting Chantix, I was not hopeful of quitting. But I was wrong. Chantix helped me quit smoking just within 30 days. The best part was that I didn`t suffer any side effects. Thanks, Chantix for changing my life for the better. Now I feel healthy and strong. I am also having regular sleep at night.

Martin, 50 yrs

I just hope that Chantix would prove to be effective and help me quit smoking. It`s been 3 weeks since I began taking the medication. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety during the last couple of days. Those days were horrible. My friends cautioned me against Chantix side effects but in spite of that, I used the medication hoping that it would help me obtain relief from nicotine addiction. Well guys, I am still keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully, Chantix would prove successful for me too.

Stephanie, 30 yrs

I have been smoking cigarettes since I was 13 years old. I am 42 now. Four weeks ago, when my girlfriend urged me to use Chantix, I hesitated, thinking that the medication might lead to serious side effects. But now I am glad that I have taken Chantix pills for quit smoking. It has made me smoke free, which was not possible even by using Zyban and several other anti-smoking medications. Thank you very much, Chantix.

Ronnie, San Francisco

It`s been 15 years since my hubby had started smoking. He started on half a pack per day and slowly it rose to 2 packs per day. But when he began using Chantix, I started noticing a gradual change in his lifestyle. He no longer seemed to be craving for cigarettes as desperately as he earlier used to do. His clothes were less smelly and he seemed to be happy for most of the times. He also started getting sound sleep at night which had never happened earlier. Now he says that cigarettes are the worst products ever produced by mankind. Needless to say, that the entire credit goes to Chantix.

lSamantha, 45 yrs

I used chantix for 4 weeks and then stopped taking the medication. Then for the next few months, I couldn`t have sufficient sleep at night. I didn`t have huge cravings for nicotine but the inability to sleep at night was taking a heavy toll on my health. I am still suffering from sleep problems. I don`t know whether to re-start on chantix or not. I think I must approach a physician.

Elizabeth, 32 yrs, New York

I have been a regular smoker for 30 years but after taking chantix pills, I don`t have the desire to smoke any more. Now whenever friends smoke in front of me, I don’t feel the cravings and the need to smoke. I tell everyone that smoking is harmful and cigarette smoke is abominable. My advice to all is that one should quit smoking at once, if you are unable to achieve it, you can take the help of chantix.

Julie, 50 yrs

Chantix has been a real blessing for me. I am having insomnia and constipation but these minor side effects can`t prevent me from taking Chantix. I am not going to stop taking Chantix at any cost. The improvement has been great. My desire for cigarettes has reduced to a significant extent. But I have realized one thing, that along with taking Chantix, one needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle pattern and only then we can quit smoking successfully,

Betty, New York, 40 yrs

The only side-effects that I had with Chantix were vivid dreams and nausea. The dreams that I had after taking Chantix were real dreams and they troubled me consistently. However, in spite of these side effects, I didn`t stop taking Chantix and finally, I got rid of my smoking addiction.

Donald, 35 yrs

I have been using Chantix for the last 3 months. Before opting for it, I used to smoke at least 2 cigarette packs per day but after the first few weeks of Chantix use, I gradually started losing interest in cigarette smoking. Whenever I smoked on a couple of occasions, cigarettes tasted horrible. Now I smoke only one or two cigarettes on a daily basis. I am quite hopeful that within the next few weeks, I would be able to quit smoking completely.

Viktor, 30 yrs

I would like to inform you all that earlier, I quit smoking for at least 7-8 times but was not able to carry on for more than 2-3 days without cigarettes. But now after starting on my Chantix regimen, I feel that it will definitely help me trigger off smoking cessation. I am on my 5th week and have already noticed signs of success. My cravings are much lower and I can also continue without nicotine for 3-4 days at a stretch.

Martha, 50 yrs

Chantix side effects were too much!!

started using chantix for the 2nd time and got rid of nicotine addiction. But along the way, I also suffered from nausea, constipation and vivid dreams. These side effects were too much for me. Thanks God, I am no longer on chantix.

In spite of its side effects, Chantix indeed worked for me. I strictly followed the instructions of my physician. My recommendation is that you can take Chantix but with adequate care and caution!!!

Leslie, Connecticut

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