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Chantix Alcohol Together Can Yield Disastrous Results

If you take the stop smoking aid chantix with alcohol, it can lead to certain side effects such as behavioural changes, hallucination, indulging in aggressive or violent behaviour.

Smokers taking chantix and alcohol simultaneously are likely to suffer from severe confusion and in some severe cases, it has been seen that the administration of chantix and alcohol at the same time has prompted smokers to contemplate suicide. Hence it is advised not to take chantix along with alcohol.

Chantix May Be Effective For Reducing Alcohol Cravings

An experiment conducted to evaluate the effects of chantix on alcohol makes it apparent that the anti smoking medicine chantix may help in reducing the desire of drinkers to consume alcohol.

The trial was carried out on rats and as the testing came to a close, it became apparent that the intake of Varenicline (chantix) reduced rats’ cravings for alcohol. The experiment was initiated by offering alcohol to rats on an irregular basis and thereafter the researchers increased their cravings for alcohol by changing the supply of alcohol.

According to the researchers, when the rats were given alcohol, they started drinking excessively and as they were made to withdraw, it led to a significant increase in their desire to consume alcohol. For a couple of months, the rats continued with excessive drinking sessions and when they were given chantix, they reduced their drinking by around 50%.

Even though this testing has led to the conclusion that chantix may yield effective results in reducing alcohol cravings, it is not known whether the same would apply in case of humans as so far no clinical experiment has ever proved the efficacy of chantix in reducing alcohol cravings in humans.

But it has certainly been proved that if chantix is taken along with alcohol, it has given rise to threatening results hence for safety purposes it is advised that all smokers who are looking to quit smoking via chantix should try and avoid alcohol till they are on chantix regimen.

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