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Sources reveal that intake of the quit smoking aid medication chantix is likely to make you a victim of many side effects and weight gain is one of them. A couple of sources also highlight that people taking the anti smoking drug chantix gain an average body weight of 2.37 kg. So the big question is ‘Does chantix cause weight gain?’ Well the real facts of this statement are not known but it is true that a person who is under the grip of nicotine addiction is likely to gain weight the moment he quits smoking but it does not conclude that chantix is responsible for weight gain because those who quit smoking without using chantix are also likely to gain weight on quitting.

If you are in two minds on whether to use chantix for quitting or not, keep in mind that you should not quit your Chantix Quit Smoking Regimen because it causes 2.37kg of weight gain as this gain is much less in comparison to the huge benefits that chantix delivers by helping us to successfully quit smoking.

It is worth-mentioning that according to a medication guide released by chantix maker Pfixer Incl., weight gain is not a side effect yielded by the stop smoking aid chantix rather it is a particular effect triggered off by nicotine withdrawal. Further, the “National Institutes of Health” reveals that on an average, people generally gain a particular body weight of around 6-8 pounds after quitting smoking.

Men and women addicted to cigarettes and other tobacco containing substances are likely to gain weight as they get rid of nicotine addiction. This is due to the fact that smoking cessation decreases body metabolism levels and also increases hunger cravings. This propels ex-smokers to eat more and as a consequence, they gain a significant amount of body weight.

Nevertheless, once you gain weight after using chantix, you should not waste time and should talk to your healthcare provider. The healthcare provider may instruct you to incorporate a couple of lifestyle changes such as reducing the intake of alcohol, including exercises in your daily regimen and switching over to healthy foods.

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