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We understand that quitting smoke is not easy; it can be a long and tiring process. The success of smoking cessation largely depends upon your will power and on how smartly you manage your cravings. Cigarette withdrawal effects commonly known as tobacco cravings are not something uncontrollable. You can actually control them and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

To curb the cravings, you can use Chantix, a medicine that mainly works exactly as nicotine. The main ingredient of Chantix is Varenicline, an agonist that activates pleasure cells of your brain, just like nicotine does to you to make you addicted to it. It gives the same feeling you experience after a smoke and makes smoking cessation easy for you. While Chantix is there for you to help you in your withdrawal, there are other aspects of your life which should be taken care of, to make your quit smoking effort a success.

During the first week of quit smoking, the toughest period, follow the tips given below:

  • Pass as much time as possible in places where smoking is not allowed, go to the church, prefer shopping at malls in which smoking is not allowed, if you like reading, go to the library and spend your free time there.
  • You may miss pressing something between your lips. Try cinnamon stick or celery or just a tooth pick.
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee or tea. These drinks are associated with smoking.
  • If you miss something holding between the fingers, take a pencil, a marble or a coin and hold it.
  • Eat several meals during the day to maintain your blood sugar level throughout the day. This way you will feel energetic and the urge to smoke will not bother much.
  • Remind yourself every time that the craving for a smoke will go away; it's a matter of just few moments.
  • Remind yourself the reason for which you want to quit smoking.

Follow the tips given below when carving makes you crazy!

  • Light a matchstick, take a long and deep breath, exhale slowly and blow out the match. Take your ashtray, imagine you are holding a cigarette, and put match out in it.
  • When you are unable to control your craving, take a shower or a bubble bath.
  • Learn to visualize. Imagine a situation, or an object that gives you peace and soothes your mind. Concentrate on your imagination and forget everything outside.
  • Buy yourself aromatic candles and incense of your choice. Light them up and enjoy the aroma.
  • Tell yourself loudly “I have the power to win over my cravings”, “I am NOT going to smoke ever again”, “I will NEVER let my family and friends down”, “I am a non-smoker now and never again I will give into it's temptations”, “I have the power to do what I think is right”. Keep on telling yourself every time you feel a strong urge to smoke.
  • Never allow yourself to think that one cigarette will not hurt. A clear understanding of the fact is necessary that one cigarette will harm you and may make you a smoker again.
  • Call a supportive friend and continue to chat till the time the strong urge does not ward off.

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