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Woman from Eugene Oregon Sues Dentist for Prescribing Chantix to Her Husband

Date: 2nd December 2013

Lamae Stout, a woman from Eugene Oregon, has sued McLaughlin, a dentist who had prescribed the smoking cessation medication Chantix to her husband Darwin Stout. Lamae Stout sued the dentist after her husband had killed himself and their son, allegedly under the influence of Chantix. Sources reveal that Lamae Stout, the woman, has also sued the hospital that ascertained that her husband didn`t pose any danger to himself or others two days before the killings. The Eugene Register-Guard reports that the woman has sued PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center’s University District hospital located in Lane County Circuit Court.

Through the lawsuit, Lamae Stout has claimed for a compensation amount of $2.2 million.

Lamae Stout discovered the bodies of her son and husband at the top of a staircase after arriving home from work on 22nd December 2010. McLaughlin, the dentist, had prescribed the quit smoking medication Chantix to Darwin Stout for treating his nicotine dependence and restraining his usage of chewing tobacco. As per the lawsuit initiated by Lamae Stout, McLaughlin had renewed Darwin Stout`s prescription for a period of six times in between March and October 2010.

News sources disclose that two days before the slaughter, Darwin Stout had willingly paid a visit to the hospital for a thorough mental assessment. However, as per the charges mentioned in the lawsuit, the hospital staff including a social worker and a nurse practitioner who had examined Darwin Stout, deduced that he was not a threat to himself or others and discharged him even before he had approached a doctor.

Jim Godbold, the spokesman of PeaceHealth, states that he was not aware of the claim made by Lamae Stout and hence couldn`t comment on the pending lawsuit.


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