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CHANTIX(R) Proves Effective for Smokers Who Earlier Tried To Stop Smoking With Chantix

Date: 24th January 2013

Pfizer, the manufacturer of the anti-smoking drug Chantix, revealed that a post marketing study was conducted to evaluate the safety as well as effectiveness of varenicline (CHANTIX(R)/CHAMPIX(R) in smokers who tried to trigger off smoking cessation by using Chantix. Pfizer Incl. also made it apparent that the study was successfully completed and the outcomes were measured.

The last four weeks of treatment, from 9th week to 12th week, showed that in comparison to placebo, the smokers taking the quit smoking drug chantix had increased rates of abstinence from cigarette smoking. The study results illustrated that the rate of effectiveness showed by Chantix was consistent with the results observed in other chantix clinical experiments in smokers who were not earlier administered with Chantix.

This study showed that the tolerability and safety of chantix was similar to earlier studies. However, as this study progressed, it was observed that headache, abnormal dreams and nausea were the common side-effects resulting from this study. The occurrence rates of these adverse effects were also consistent with previous chantix studies.

Source: Pfizer Inc.;

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