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Clinical Trial Shows Chantix and Zyban Are Effective For Quit Smoking

Date: 7th April 2013

Paul M. Cinciripini, professor in the Department of Behavioral Science and Director of the Tobacco Treatment Program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, led a clinical experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of varenicline(chantix) and bupropion(zyban) in helping people stop smoking. However, as soon as the experiment came to an end, it was noticed that 39 percent people in the bupropion SR group, 48 percent in the varenicline group and 19 percent belonging to the placebo group were able to quit smoking.

Thus the study results demonstrated that chantix and Zyban were able to help people stop smoking with comparatively lower side effects.

The researchers carried out the study by enrolling 294 smokers in Houston, who were eager to trigger off smoking cessation. The participants were divided into three categories and provided with a regular dosage of placebo (fake pill), bupropion SR (sustained release) and varenicline for 12 weeks. The researchers examined the participants for negative affect symptoms such as trouble in concentrating, anxiety, depression et al and symptoms related to nicotine withdrawal. The smokers participating in the survey were also provided with four telephone and six face-to-face counselling sessions to help them quit smoking.

Three months after the experiment, it was seen that 43 percent included in the varenicline group, 37 percent smokers in the bupropion SR group and 17 percent people in the placebo group were able to get rid of nicotine addiction. However, six months post experiment, the researchers noticed that 23 percent in the bupropion SR group, 28 percent from the varenicline group and 14 percent in the placebo group had not resumed smoking.

When the study was over, the researchers discovered that varenicline(chantix) yielded better results than placebo in helping people trigger off smoking cessation.

This study appeared in JAMA Psychiatry.


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