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New Scheme Offers Gym Pass to People Who Quit Smoking

Date: 22nd February 2013

Smokers are getting offers of free gym pass for joining Bolton’s quit smoking service. Soon after the launching of this offer in January, 20 people have opted for it. The free gym pass lasts for a period of 12 weeks.

The value of 12-week gym passes is around £725 and it incorporates several facilities such as gym membership, swimming and exercise sessions for the individual who quit smoking and his friend. However, the new quit smoking passes are also offering free swim passes for the quitters` children if their age is below 17 years.

Bolton Community Leisure Trust has joined hands with Bolton NHS Foundation Trust to offer a free gym pass to anyone who signs up to trigger off smoking cessation. This pass is applicable at five gyms throughout Bolton One and the whole administrative division.

According to health experts, the extra bonus would motivate people to stop smoking and as they join a gym, it would help them conquer their cravings for nicotine. However, till now, 12 women and eight men have taken the offer. 14 people among the quitters have been visiting Bolton One. According to reports, they have approached the Bolton Community Leisure Trust sites 54 times after joining Bolton’s quit smoking service.

Adrian Butterworth, quit smoking service manager from Bolton’s stop smoking service, reveals that the new gym pass is working very effectively. Some of the smokers were worried over weight gain after quit smoking and this new quit smoking service has proved to be helpful for them.


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