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New Report Evaluates Chantix To Be Responsible For Large-scale Dangerous Drug Side-Effects

Date: 5 th November 2008

As revealed by the US health industry watchdog, "Institute for Safe Medication Practices", the Pfizer manufactured anti-smoking medicine Chantix (Champix) is highly accounted for the dangerous side-effects yielded by the drug and deaths resulting from these drug side-effects. However, according to a report by "Institute for Safe Medication Practices", in around 15 cases, people administering Chantix/ Champix are found to be mostly responsible for traffic accidents and in 52 cases, Chantix/Champix users are identified to be primarily accountable for being involved in blackouts/loss of consciousness.

Altogether, in the report the healthcare agency "Institute for Safe Medication Practices" reveals that it has received around 1,001 reports relating to serious side-effects triggered off by Chantix and also states that it is eager to cast a second glance at the chantix/champix warnings.

Finally, the US health care watchdog "Institute for Safe Medication Practices" makes it apparent that Pfizer manufactured anti-smoking drug chantix/champix continuously throws light on safety issues requiring immediate action and investigation and states that the "Food and Drugs Administration" (FDA) should issue warnings to people opting for chantix/champix that the intake of these medicines is likely to induce blackouts that can further lead to accidents.

The authors of this report have accepted the concern stated by Pfizer that the number of reports might have been increased due to publicity but nevertheless assert that enough evidence is available in the report that makes it highly necessary for FDA to initiate stronger action against the dangerous side-effects yielded by Chantix/Champix.


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