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Nicotine Addiction

The addiction and susceptibility of our body to the harmful chemical nicotine we attain through the different tobacco products we smoke or chew is basically termed as Nicotine Dependence. When we smoke cigarettes nicotine enters our body along with various other chemicals. Nicotine inhaled through the smoke heads straight to the brain and activates the pleasure cells, thereby producing physical and mood altering effects that give us momentary pleasure. But these effects are addictive, making your system crave for continued use of tobacco, once you have it.

Nicotine Addiction or plainly speaking 'the Smoking Habit' can be very derisive with your health problems. It would initiate a lot of tobacco related harms in your body that can ultimately give rise to diseases of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. Smoking is the evil behind many cases of mouth and lung cancer.

The death toll due to smoking has indeed gone into alarming proportions, with the cause of more than 400,000 deaths every year in the United States alone being attributed to the smoking menace. A report of the National Centre for Health Statistics states that approximately 23 percent of the male population and 19 percent of the female populace in the US are addicted to smoking. And 90 percent of the smokers picked up the habit before the age of 21.

It is generally very tough to get over a Nicotine addiction. However, a great level of patience and motivation, coupled with a quit smoking pill like Chantix can help you break the habit. To get a better understanding of this harmful habit and its viable solution, you can view the following topics:

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