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As the adage goes, ‘old habit dies hard', smoking is a menacing habit that simply refuses to die once it gets into your system. Quit Smoking ways and tricks galore, but one never knows how many smokers really Quit Smoking. For that matter, albeit you and I know, and the whole world knows that smoking is a slow killer, yet how many of us go the extra mile to leave this unholy killer far behind. And yes we have experts doling out the best tips to quit smoking every other day, but like they say the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, they all go down the drain, out through the other ear, unheeded and unfulfilled.

Smokers wait for the Perfect Time, and the Perfect Situation to Quit Smoking, but they forget that procrastination is a persistent thief and there is never a perfect time. Time and tide waits for no man, so if they don't quit smoking today they have to face the consequences, the music tomorrow. It's better late than never; so face it, get the best tips to quit smoking and give it your best shot.

There are no fast and hard rules or totally effective drugs to help you quit smoking. It should be a gradual process, inch by inch; don't forget, Inch by Inch, it's a Cinch. Here are some of the Best ways to quit Smoking, but always keep in mind that without a rock solid foundation of will power and determination. You won't go far however effective the tips are; all your efforts would go caput and your quit smoking plans would turn haywire. Kicking off Nicotine addiction is a tough ball game.

Set short term as well as long term goals, with a strong emphasis on the benefits of quit smoking rather than dwelling on the ill effects and dangers of continuing to smoke. It is always good to be well prepared with the occasional mood swings that come with nicotine withdrawal as they may prove to be an irritant making you lose your patience and end the quit smoking effort even before it started.

Develop a habit of breaking bad habits, starting from the small trivial ones, progressing gradually towards the bigger and difficult ones. You can push off your habits of biting your nails or going to bed late as a start. Once you can fend yourself successfully from such habits, you'll have the highly necessary confidence, patience and the will power to shove off the antagonizing craving for a pull and drag of the carcinogenic smoke.

You can plan out activities that would avoid the temptation like going for a swim, or a game of football or basketball. It can play a big role in distracting yourself from that urge to smoke. You can then reward and treat yourself to a movie or eat out with the money you saved from spending on smoking. It is a pretty interesting exercise to calculate the money you spend on smoking, and then making a rough estimate of the amount you'll save after a certain period of time, say 30 to 40 years if you haven't smoked.

Hanging around with non-smokers is one of the best ways to quit smoking, the more you socialize in a non smoking crowd and environment, the easier it would be for you to dissociate yourself from your old smoking habit. Sharing real life experiences of people who have used the best ways to quit smoking can give you the motivation and the much needed thrust to endure the endeavor of quit smoking.

The most difficult roadblock to your quit smoking plan is yourself. You know the ill-effects of smoking, but you keep on smoking. No amount of advices, prescription pills, counseling sessions or even the best ways to quit smoking won't help if you don't have the will power. It would be nothing less than rousing a man who's not asleep.

Well, the best quit smoking way is to Quit Smoking Now. It may be a difficult exercise today; but a colossal and immense reward awaits you tomorrow. Excuses are the currency of the weak and the destitute. Pull up your sleeves, get started and Quit Smoking.

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