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Quit Smoking Ways

Habits are easy to acquire, hard to give up. Smoking is a hazardous human vice that is very difficult to lose once it gets into your system. In spite of health activists organizing workshops on quit smoking and the talk shows on the many evils of smoking, there is a spate in the number of people falling to the lure of this old, disastrous habit.

People keep smoking even when they know the dire consequences of the catastrophic performance that they duly observe, day in and day out. We talk of quit smoking, but it is easier said than done. Only people, who have undergone the trials and tribulations, trying to give up this costly habit, would be able to comprehend the immensity of the term “Quit Smoking.” One needs to be very determined and practical in any approach towards giving up smoking. Only a methodical and gradual approach, accentuated with a strong will to quit would help you in the fight against the menace of tobacco and nicotine.

Take a step by step approach, one at a time.

Getting ready to Quit Smoking:

  • Choose a date when you will start your quitting plan. If you have a smoking friend who also wants to quit, ask him to join you.
  • Try to answer when and why you smoke; the particular timings and situations e.g. after lunch or with evening snacks etc.
  • Try to change your smoking pattern: don’t keep the cigarettes handy, don’t use the usual hand for smoking, try another hand etc.
  • Buy the brand that you don’t enjoy smoking.
  • When you feel like smoking, try postponing it and chew a sugar free gum or drink water.
  • Don’t empty your ash tray; it will remind you how many cigarettes you have already smoked in a single day.

Quit Smoking Day:

  • Hide the ash tray and throw away the cigarettes; in short just get rid of them.
  • Hang around with people who don’t smoke, avoid the company of smokers for a while.
  • Stay busy and change your daily routines: have breakfast in the garden instead of the kitchen table etc.
  • Keep chewable gums and candies handy; eat them when you crave for a cigarette.
  • Feel happy about not smoking for the whole day and reward yourself with an outing or a movie with friends.
  • Visit the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and the nicotine stains removed, brush them regularly and resolve to keep them shining always by not smoking again.

Maintaining Quit Smoking:

  • It’s ok if you feel irritated or sleepy; these may be the withdrawal symptoms. You’ll be fine in a few days.
  • Feel good that you are able to quit. Think about your family, as now you are getting healthier and no more a health risk.
  • Don’t remain hungry, eat to your fill. Hunger may mislead you as a craving for the cigarette.
  • Do regular exercise or go for a walk.
  • Collect the money(that otherwise you would have spent on cigarettes) everyday in a piggy jar
  • If you trip from the plan once and smoke, don’t get discouraged. Start again with a new hope; you can as you did it earlier.

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