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Quitting Smoke : 10 Things you must avoid

At the very onset, we must understand a sheer fact that withdrawal from Nicotine is a temporary condition. When we are looking for a permanent solution for cigarette addiction we must take a positive approach so that our quitting effort proves to be fruitful. Let us look into the situations which should be avoided during the quit smoking program.

  1. Do not be impatient during the quit smoking program. Remember, leaving an old habit is not that easy. Accept the reality; the cessation process will take some time.

  2. "I will never be able to smoke again" these types of thoughts are really enough to increase your craving for a smoke. Do not imagine a long time without smoke and do away with the words like 'forever' and 'never'. Live for today and just feel good that you are able to restrict yourself from the evil temptation.

  3. It is said that two-third of our thoughts per day are negative. Negative thoughts are in-built in human being; do not let yourself captivated by these. You have good reason to quit smoke and this very approach will bring about a positive change in your life.

  4. Do not overlook your needs. Under your quit smoking program, you will have to take extra care of yourself. You will have to take well-balanced diet and drink water as much as you can. Water and food are very necessary to flush out the toxin in your body. Also water reduces your craving for a smoke to a great extent. You need to take proper rest and incorporate physical exercise to your daily life. Do not forget to take a multivitamin before going to bed.

  5. Avoid alcohol and the gatherings where you know that alcohol will be available for you. Alcohol and cigarette are good friends, if one is present the later will definitely follow.

  6. Do not allow yourself to be over-stressed during the quit smoking program. The craving for tobacco will increase as you become stressed out. Try to keep yourself relaxed and calm as much as possible

  7. Do not take your mood and craving too seriously. Our mind sometimes turns a trifle issue to a big one and for no reason we suffer. Do not pay much attention to your cravings and feeling of emptiness. Life has the capacity to cope up with much bigger losses. If you are losing the pleasure of smoke for your good health, isn't it a big deal?

  8. If you are finding it difficult to fight with cravings, go out and ask for help. Find out a friend who is trying to quit smoke or join a forum or group of people in your area, who are quitting smoke. You will feel better and relaxed to be with someone who is going through the same experience as you are. Talk to them and they will help you with your own experience.

  9. Do not give in to temptations. If you think, one cigarette will not change anything, take it today, you will be soon smoking a packet a day, even quicker than you can imagine. If these types of unhealthy thoughts are bothering you, go to your counselor and seek help from him.

  10. Do not forget that there is a concrete reason or many reasons behind your quit smoking efforts. Whenever you feel low on confidence, read out those reasons to yourself and always remember that you are leaving cigarette for good, you are coming closer to a healthy body and a happy future.

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