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This section of includes links providing specific information on various topics such as smoking cessation, cancer help, quit smoking, health and fitness, men`s health, women`s health, mental health, beauty and skin care, weight loss and anti addiction organisations. If you are looking for informative details on any of these topics, then just click on the respective link and you will be straightway directed to the content page.

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Yellow Navi Mumbaikars Plan to Cycle and Run to Encourage People to Quit Smoking
A group of people in Navi Mumbai has planned a new campaign to inspire people to trigger off smoking cessation. The.....More
Yellow Quit Smoking Program Aims To Reduce Smoking among Youngsters in Rochdale Borough
A Peer Supporters programme has been reportedly launched for the local students in Rochdale Borough with the aim of.....More
Yellow Smokers May Hesitate To Quit Smoking Due To the Possibility of Weight Gain
A new study concludes that a section of smokers may hesitate to quit smoking because of the possibility of weight.....More
Yellow Roswell Park Cancer Institute Receives $1.5 Million State Contract for
Roswell Park Cancer Institute has reportedly received a $1.5 million state contract for spreading out its programs aimed at .....More
Yellow Eager to Stop Smoking Naturally? Yoga Shows The Way!
Most of us who aim at quitting smoking never think of tapping the enormous power of yoga and meditation. We fail to.....More
Yellow Herbs Can Help You Quit Smoking!!
It is definitely possible to quit smoking without opting for expensive medicines or treatments, all you need to do is to.....More
Yellow New ''Talking'' Cigarette Packets for Quit Smoking! Will They Help?
The latest news is that a group of scientists have developed exclusive ''talking'' cigarette packets to help people stop smokin.....More
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