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Cigarette Smoke Induced Erectile Dysfunction

The consequences of tobacco use, like lung cancer, strokes, heart attacks cataract etc. are commonly known. But smoking induced erectile dysfunction or male impotence is relatively a new area of knowledge which is yet to be acknowledged by common men. Somehow the scientists were late to discover the reality and public interest organizations just overlooked the gravity of the situation. The alarming findings by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and the British Medical Association (BMA) show that 120,000 UK men in their 30s and 40s are impotent as a direct consequence of smoking.

Will that be a good deal if you lose your sexual strength just because you are addicted to tobacco? The consequences of cigarette smoke on sexual life have been unmasked by science, very recently though, has enough evidence to prove the seriousness of the issue. In layman’s language, sexual functioning is a very unique and subtle interplay of hormones, nervous system to carry stimulation along with a healthy vascular system to pump fresh blood to the penile tissues which in turn makes proper erection possible. When any element among them fails, erectile dysfunction is just inevitable.

Tobacco narrows down the blood vessels and impinges on the vascular system that leads to blockage of arteries. Penis cannot get sufficient blood pumped into it when arteries are clogged; the result is a failed erection. According to many studies held in different institutes and universities on a group of men in their 30s and 40’s show that smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction by 50% in them.

Now let us understand the mechanism of smoking havoc that results in male impotence;

  • As a result of long term smoking, Atherosclerosis deposits itself in the arteries, and blocks the route of blood into the penis.
  • Nicotine stimulations that are sent to brain cause rapid contraction in the penile tissues. This symptom is known as Acute Vasospasm that restricts blood flow into the penis.
  • When nicotine is present in the blood stream it damages the valve mechanism and traps blood in the penis. This symptom is known as venous dilation.
  • Nicotine is also related to pyospermia that minimizes the volume of ejaculation.
  • Due to cigarette smoking sperm count lowers and the sperm develops an abnormal shape.
  • As a result of pyospermia due to tobacco intake, sperm motility is also damaged.
  • Tobacco damages DNA in human lymphocytes.
  • The normal growth of sperm cannot tolerate exposure to radioactive particles and it has been proved by the scientists that cigarettes have radioactive particles as these particles are found in the testicles of a smoker.

Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals, most of which are supposed to damage the vascular system. The most dangerous chemicals are carbon monoxide, nicotine, and butadiene, causing thousands of deaths and millions of heart attacks, arthritis and impotence. We can infer another fact that impotence or erectile dysfunction is a signal to other life threatening diseases like heart attack, stroke and other heart and artery related problems and vice versa. Thank God Chantix is there! Get yourself free from the clutches of nicotine and live in a nicotine-free world.

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