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The Effects of Smoking on Erectile Dysfunction

Perhaps there is no man who would not know about the hurtful possessions of nicotine on the body, but only a few of them realize that every cigarette has a negative impact directly on the sexual health of a gentleman and may cause ED. Nicotine is almost capable of directly influencing the functioning of the penis. And often, when a man is faced with sexual problems, to correct and improve them it is necessary simply to stop smoking. More articles you can read by link: stop smoking -

Does smoking affect potency?

smoking and potency

There is only one definite answer: yes, it does. According to the statistics, the man smoking one folder of cigarettes per day increases his chances of becoming sexually dysfunctional 60% and smoking two cigarettes right before a sexual act weakens sexual activity even among young people.

The appliance of occurrence of erectile dysfunction which is caused by smoking

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of doing a full man's sex life. This problem is caused by many factors, among which is smoking. Quite often, men who experience a worsening of erection blame it on fatigue or stress, not even compensating consideration to the fact that the motive for this state of the body is essentially excessive smoking.

Let's consider the mechanism of the effect of nicotine on the male body. The first smoked before intercourse cigarette really dilates blood vessels and promotes vitality and good erection. Over time, however, nicotine acts on the contrary, significantly narrowing the blood vessels, and brain as well. Appear chronic fatigue, frequent migraines, drowsiness, reduced potency, and an erection is deteriorating.

In addition, poisonous constituents of cig lead to decreased production of male sex hormones. The consequence of this process is the decline of interest in sex life and the variations of the superiority and number of sperm and its of mobility. This primes to the negative impact of smoking not only on the ability to conduct sexual intercourse but also on the reproductive function of men. Besides the long term effects of tobacco make impotence more complicate and worsen.

Also you should not forget about passive smoking after all the nicotine gets into the lungs, causing narrowing of the vessels causing various cardiovascular diseases. They, in turn, cause the same weakening of the circulation of the penis. Subsequently, as you have already understood the smoking affects the cardiovascular system and worsens the potency, but that's not all.

Can smoking affect the men penis?

smoking and potency

Scientists made an astonishing innovation that smoldering affects not only the sexual doings of men but also on the size of the penis. This relates not only to men sorrowing from impotence but and macho that feels confident in bed. American scientists selected 65 volunteers who have complications with potency. They were asked to 8-week course of getting rid of nicotine dependence. Before and after treatment, men were asked to watch the film for adults. A special device measured the size of the penis in an excited state. It ejected that the representatives of the stronger sex, who have the uninhibited addiction, have a bigger increasing of their penis. In addition, they are likely to convert excited.

Do I need to hand over smoking?

Therefore, the conclusion is that even one cigarette causes impotent and much more growth the regularity of incidence of failures in bed. If you are faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction, then you should reconsider your way of life: diet and physical activity but first and foremost it is necessary to abandon bad habits. But be careful the immediate cessation of smoking can lead to complex problems. This applies not only potency but also the heart, thus try to do it gradually.

Doctors insist on the opinion that if you give up smoking for the entire 8-9 hours, then there is a partial recovery of potency after. However, if you smoke for a long time and then decisively refuse then it is impossible to restore the lost virility. To improve the quality and guarantee the full reinstatement of intimate health will help special medicines. At any rate, to vacate smoking is the greatest method to protect yourself and your domestic from possible risks. After all, in people who always smoking the potency will never recover. Of course, you can say that in the fight against poor erection can help special treatment, but in this case, you should remember that smoking significantly reduces the effect of these drugs and quite often you will not be capable of feeling the miraculous power of tablets. ChantixHome offers you to try tablets containing sildenafil citrate.

Therefore, there is only one way out it's all the same is to refuse from the bad habit. Be sure after you get rid of this addiction, you will feel much better, you will forget about the heavy breathing and chest pains, and failures in bed will happen more seldom.

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