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Symptoms of Smoking Addiction

You will see different signs and experience various symptoms if you are getting addicted to tobacco (nicotine). Some of the strong signals that show the onset of nicotine dependence are as follows:

  • Efforts to Quit Smoking go Waste:
    No matter how much you try, you can’t give up smoking. Your repeated attempts to stop smoking prove futile. Sometimes, you may fend off the habit for a few days or a week, but you succumb to the habit ultimately.

  • Experience Withdrawal Symptoms:
    If you go through lots of physical and mental disorders, when you try to give up smoking you are already hooked to the smoking habit. When you stop smoking abruptly, you may face a great craving for tobacco, anxiety, disturbed state of mind, excitement, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea etc.

  • Illness don’t Prevent you from Smoking:
    It becomes very difficult for you to stop smoking, even when you are down with a lung or heart problem. Even though you realize that smoking is detrimental to the state of your physical health and well being, you just can’t curb your desire to have a drag of cigarette.

  • Avoid Certain Places and People:
    Once you are addicted to nicotine, you start avoiding places where you don’t get the freedom and the liberty to smoke. You start hanging around with people who smoke, and deliberately keep away from friends who are non-smokers. You are often heading to places where you can smoke freely.

  • Crave to Smoke at Specific Time and Place:
    If you usually smoke after food, the craving to smoke would come exactly at the same point of time daily. You may also feel the urge to have a cigarette every time you visit specific places like a park or a restaurant. These signs show that you have become dependent on nicotine.

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