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Smoking and Buerger's Disease

What is Buerger's Disease?

Buerger's Disease is an ailment that leads to clotting as well as inflammation in the arteries and veins of the hands and feet. As a consequence, these veins and arteries are blocked from further blood supply and when blood fails to reach fingers and toes via arteries, the individual suffers from pain, color changes, coldness etc. at fingers, toes and other specific locations of the body.

When a person succumbs to Buerger's Disease, he experiences severe pain in the affected parts, especially fingers and toes and altogether the victim is also likely to fall prey to several other disorders such as gangrene, skin ulcerations et al.

The Connection Between Smoking and Buerger's Disease: A Peek

From amongst all the factors responsible for Buerger's Disease, smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco containing substances is identified as a prominent cause of the disorder. Altogether, it has been evaluated that a section of people have fallen prey to Buerger's Disease by chewing tobacco.

It has been evaluated that on account of cigarette smoking and the smoking of other tobacco containing substances, an autoimmune mechanism is initiated inside the body of the smoker. As a consequence of this autoimmune mechanism, when the body's immune system starts attacking its tissues, inflammation and clotting that are symptomatic of Buerger's Disease, occurs in the veins and arteries.

Other Causes Of Buerger's Disease

Men and women who were earlier addicted to smoking can also fall prey to Buerger's disease if they start using nicotine patches or are affected from secondhand smoking. Besides, chewing tobacco can also contribute to Buerger's disease in this section of people.

Prevention & Treatment Of Buerger's Disease

  • An abrupt stoppage of cigarette smoking would prove to be instrumental in preventing the growth of Buerger's Disease.
  • People, who are already affected with Buerger's Disease, should abstain from succumbing to cold temperatures to prevent further development of the disease.
  • Vascular surgery is performed occasionally to cure the diseased blood vessels and treat Buerger`s disease.
  • Bypass surgery, a specific surgical procedure is frequently conducted on patients suffering from Buerger's Disease to ensure proper and unhindered blood flow to the legs.

Finally, to prevent the occurrence of Buerger's Disease as well as for effective treatment of the disorder, it is of utmost necessity to get rid of smoking addiction. Any specific treatment of Buerger's Disease will not yield favorable results for the patients if they don't quit smoking beforehand.

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