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Smoking and Osteoporosis

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is defined as a specific bone disorder that leads to the weakening and increased fragility in bones and this condition is further likely to induce serious bone fractures. When a person suffers from Osteoporosis, his bones may become increasingly porous, may have abnormally low bone mineral density and may also undergo a disruption in bone microarchitecture. In certain cases, fractures induced by Osteoporosis can result in serious disability as well as death in people.

Risk Factors Of Osteoporosis: A Glance

There are various potential and highly prominent risk factors of Osteoporosis; smoking of cigarettes and tobacco substances is one of them. The other specific causes that are likely to trigger off Osteoporosis in men and women are:

  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • thinness or having a small and fragile body
  • inadequate calcium intake
  • insufficient physical activity
  • deficiency of estrogen in post menopausal women
  • a rapid decline of testosterone levels in men
  • Usage of medicines such as corticosteroids for a prolonged period

Smoking and Osteoporosis: A Review

Prevalent facts on smoking and Osteoporosis related facts reveal that with an increase in the number of cigarettes that a person consumes, his risk of suffering bone fractures in old age also increases to a considerable extent, which is nonetheless a significant factor responsible for Osteoporosis. Altogether, Smoking and Osteoporosis related research has also strikingly revealed that exposure to secondhand smoking during adolescence is capable of heightening the risk of developing low bone mass in men and women.

All the facts concerning the impact of smoking on Osteoporosis mentioned herewith pinpoint that cigarette smoking and other smoking procedures are capable of putting men and women at the risk of Osteoporosis. To add on, the people who smoke are found to be less active physically, excessive alcohol users and are thinners altogether and as all these are Osteoporosis risk factors, smoking is evaluated as a highly potential cause responsible for Osteoporosis.

Smoking and Osteoporosis: The Final Word

An abrupt stoppage in smoking is a necessity for people who are chain smokers and also for those who have started to smoke gradually in order to keep Osteoporosis at bay. Quit smoking is a definite necessity to prevent the occurrence of Osteoporosis and if it does not seem achievable, smokers can take the help of Chantix and other anti-smoking procedures.

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