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Smoking and Weight Loss: Alarming Situation for Future Mothers

Recently, a study showed that a great section of teenage girls of age 11 to 18 years, in Britain & Canada are highly dependent on smoking to do away with insecurities. It was reported that teenage girls who smoked cigarettes were 30% more likely to be heavy weight or are prone to over-eating. More interestingly, most of the smoker teenage girls were found to be the most image-conscious & figure-conscious.

Many girls state that smoking helps them to relax while many of them exclusively mentioned weight control as the primary reason for smoking. Few girls contend that smoking reduced their appetite and worked as a proxy for eating. Surveys have revealed that over 30% of the girls were afraid of quitting as they would eat more and put on weight.

After the misperception of changes in their bodies as signs of obesity, girls are more likely to take up smoking after they started having their periods. Doubtless, smoking burns up some calories and may also suppress appetite but only at the cost of one's health. So, it becomes all the more distressing that girls find better to smoke and abstain from a few kilograms or pounds of weight at the cost of doing severe long-term damage to their health. That's the reason this group seems so resistant to the antismoking message.

Being an emotional mortal, peer pressure and the desire to "fit in" becomes another considerable contributing factor to a teenage girl's decision to smoke. Moreover, smoking is also seen as a glamorous or dangerous thing to do which gives an image that teenagers generally wish to portray. Interestingly, girls who drink alcohol have seven times more chances to start smoking than the one's who do not.

Alternative to smoking, for good figure, exercise also burns up calories and can make girls feel better. But, they are less likely to exercise if they smoke. Smoking often accompanies a poor physical fitness that hampers one's efforts to create a positive self-image.

Being conscious to their figure, young girls don't understand that smoking can cause many other long-term cosmetic changes, including early aging or increased wrinkling and graying of the skin. On question of harming their baby in future, these girls assume that they can quit at any time. Interesting & strange enough, for both physiological and sociological reasons, in general, women find it harder to give up smoking than men. Additionally, on average, women are more at risk from smoking related diseases than men.

It becomes the duty of our society to ease the concerns of young females regarding their body image. We should emphasize the teenage girls about the serious health consequences caused by smoking pacify them that it is not worth sacrificing their health for the sake of a few pounds.

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