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Quit Smoking: Only You Can Help Yourself!

Lighting the first cigarette of the day, slowly inhaling the smoke, how does it feel? Feels like heaven? (Though I've never been there!), the body becomes alive and energetic, ready to start the day. This is called addiction; many people can not think of starting their day without a cigarette. They feel moody and lethargic and find something missing in their life. This is the reason they get hooked and let nicotine control their life.

The ill effects of smoking are known and much awareness campaigns are done. Numerous anti-smoking campaigns are conducted with a smoker who suffers from all kinds of cancer becoming the spoke person. With a hole in the throat and ugly scar they are not a pretty sight to look at. Seeing these people really touches the mind, making one to realize that this will be our fate few years down the line if we continue to smoke.

Though touching it doesn't last long, a smoker remains a smoker. No one have the power or ability to make someone quit smoking, they can only tell, advice or show the ill-effects of smoking, to quit or not depends upon the smoker. If the willingness to stay smoke free is not there, convincing nor forcing one to quit smoking will work because addiction is a habit. Only he or she can change this habit, no one can force anyone to change his or her habits.

Surveys have shown that 70% of smokers want to quit smoking but the actual rate of people who quit smoking is very less. Many people even get prescriptions and later report that the treatment or the pills are not working and had not helped them in smoking cessation. That is because they are not really trying to quit smoking, they took the treatments just because their family, friends or girl friend asked them to. As long as it doesn't come from within quitting is not possible.

In the mean time there are many effective drugs like chantix for those smokers who really want to quit smoking. Chantix is a prescription drugs by the drug giant Pfizer which was approved by FDA on May 11, 2006 for the treatment of anti smoking in adults. It works by diminishing the taste of cigarette and reducing the withdrawal syndrome.

Changing your habit, your lifestyle and behavior is the only way and the first step towards smoking cessation. If you are keen on quitting, thumb up to you. As the proverb goes, where there is a will there is a way.

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